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Making Facebook Pretty! Step One…

Despite being absent from this blog for a while, ok, maybe a LONG while, we here at CDK are getting this up and running again.

Today’s blog focuses on the big leader in Social Media Marketing: Facebook. We’re starting a new 7 Step Series to help you make your Facebook page more appealing to fans!

Did you know that Facebook has pretty strict rules for what you can show on your timeline cover image? Here’s the run down:

Facebook says you CAN showcase:

  • Imagery of your products if you sell things.
  • Your staff, if you focus on customer service
  • Your testimonials, if you have loyal customers.
  • Your brick & mortar storefront. This makes it easier to identify your shop when someone visits.

I often see logos in cover photos, but realize this may not be the best place for it logo since you don’t want to duplicate what you have appearing in the small profile image (which appears next to each post, so it SHOULD be your logo).

Facebook says you CANNOT showcase:

  • Price Details – if you sell a widget, your cover photo can’t say you can “Get 2 for $19.95!”
  • Sales Info – no January BOGO or any other promotional details
  • Contact Info – no web address, phone number, email or snail mail addresses. This info is to be listed in your “About” portion of your page
  • Begging for Likes – this isn’t good form anyway, but Facebook takes it one step further and says NO! NO!
  • Calls to Action – While this is a definitely a feature you need on your website, Facebook says you can’t put them in your cover photo. So, no “Call Today!” or “Click Here!”

For more details, visit Facebook’s help page page here: .

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